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I founded Sour Data to make your life with data, analytics and machine learning a bit easier.

Eikku Koponen
Decision Scientist
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My recent projects

Valohai DS <3 Dev, illustration credit Henrik


Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland funded the project run by 8-bit-sheep, where we researched, workshopped and compiled an online guide for optimising customer experience through data, analytics and AI.Read more here!

We foundation analytics

We Foundation impact platform

We Foundation is building the first social impact platform for nonprofit organisations working with children, youth and families. The platform combines real-time subjective data and quantitative data. I have been part of ensuring data collection quality, creating ways of measuring impact and developing proof of concept solutions.Read more here!

Valohai DS <3 Dev, illustration credit Henrik

Valohai's blogs

MLOps is a function or framework that gives Data Scientists tools from the engineering world, making their lives and work more reliable, reproducible, and production-ready. I helped Valohai bring a practical DS point of view to their awesome blogs.Read more here!


SomeBuddy #ai4children

SomeBuddy helps people and organizations by adding safety to social media. They have been involved in Unicef's AI for children policy drafting and wanted to share their journey as a case study. I was managing this project and writing the study together with the multidisciplinary team. Read more here!

My past experience

I'm an entrepreneur working on multiple projects focusing on data, machine learning, and explainable AI systems. My background in Statistics has rooted me to pay attention to the basics ie. reliability and validity of the data.

Full resume here
Oct 2020 - April 2021

Helping clients to strengthen their ML capabilities working closely with them digging the data, building models and solving problems.Worked on two major projects, one with a Finnish media client, building and driving data driven decision making and customer centric thinking. Other with a global client working on AI augmented product R&D on beverages.

Sept 2019 - Dec 2020

Building state of art language agnostic AI to help social media user with cyberbullying and online harassment cases. PO for the internal case handling too and the client facing web app.

Sept 2016 - June 2019

Build automated valuation models (AVM) with my awesome colleagues. Had the opportunity to work closely with clients, lead the project in the US and the data wrangling, model development and implementation of ML models.


Eikku has been our go-to person for expert insights on data science. Her view on the data science field has been invaluable for us when setting the direction for our thought leadership. She truly understands the connections between data science, engineering, and business.
Henrik Skogström, Valohai

Eikku is a great facilitator who has a natural ability to work with both business stakeholders and technical data experts. She is great in translating a business requirements to concrete data (science) projects. She seeks to understand the core business needs and innovate new potential solutions, through co-creation and activation of key experts.
Iiris Lahti, AI Roots

Eija-Leena is a leader with a positive make-it-happen attitude, an ideal combination for accomplishing demanding data projects. Eija-Leena is well networked in the Finnish data science business community, and an inspiring speaker whose views I have found valuable.
Johan Himberg, Reaktor

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